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Why is BAMBOO-on Clothing

Bamboo-On clothing has specialized in applying sustainable bamboo material to the clothing industry for 15 years, and it’s experienced in dealing with sort of fabrics blended with bamboo. The bamboo clothing as it’s called is made from bamboo fiber, which is extracted and re-generated from the natural bamboo plant. It’s an organic and eco-friendly resource, and it provides outstanding features to the clothing industry.

Talk to us, and you will be aware of great possibilities from bamboo and it’s worth exploring with us!

about us

Being Bamboo Clothing Supplier Since 2009

  • Work in the Bamboo Clothing Industry Since 2009
  • More than 15 years in Bamboo Clothing Industry
  • More than 30 categories of bamboo clothing
  • Capable for both knitting seamless lines and cut-and-sew line
  • Over a hundred pieces of advanced machinery
  • Flexible solutions to meet the needs of large and medium-scale companies to starter companies
  • Innovation development friendly
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Love Bamboo.
Live Naturally.

Featured categories

Luxury Bamboo-on Clothing Collections

We are improving on selecting bamboo yarns and knitting technology to achieve finer, smoother, and less fussy bamboo fabrics for clothing.

Our Services


bamboo clothes

Manufacturing Orders

Custom order is accepted and can be created by following a few simple processes. Bring your ideas, and we will deal with the rest.  It’s that easy to work with us!


Wholesale Orders

Providing some selected daily items with classic styles for wholesale orders. Flexible customization options are available.

Bamboo-on Clothing

Whatever you want to learn about bamboo resources, offer an opportunity to convert your lifestyle, or create your business from BAMBOO, send a quick message and we will reach you soon!

why bamboo?

Outstanding Features of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo grows in a natural environment without artificial cultivation and chemical fertilizer. It takes only 3-5 years to grow to harvest, which is much shorter compared to more than 10 years of timber.

original bamboo fiber

Breathable & Moisture Wicking

comfort as innerwear

Super Soft

silky & luxurious fabric



natural UV protection


gentle on sensitive skin

bamboo yarn white red


growing without chemical fertilizer

Sustainable Fashion

less impact on the environment

general questions


Why call Bamboo sustainable material?

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant and grows in a totally natural environment. No pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers are applied to its growth.

Is Bamboo fabric natural?

Bamboo is a natural, sustainable fabric material that has many uses today. It’s excellent for innerwear, loungewear, Sportswear, and socks.

Is Bamboo clothing durable?

Bamboo fiber is a kind of short fiber compared to cotton which is a long fiber. So it’s not strong as cotton, but with improved knitting tech or blending with other yarns, bamboo clothing in good quality is durable.

Is Bamboo clothing pilling?

It was, but now after improving on knitting tech., our good quality bamboo fabric performs the anti-pilling features like other luxury fabrics.

How to care Babmoo Clothing?

Bamboo clothing accepts machine washing under 40 degrees, and using a washing bag is suggested. Don’t tumble dry. Don’t bleach. Dry flat.

How to start?

Our team is available any time to listen to your idea and work out solutions to your project. Find the CONTACT page and leave your message, we will reach you soon.


We offer flexible ways to support your business for both OEM orders and wholesale orders. Please provide your contact information, and our professional team will get in touch with you soon.

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