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About Us

Love bamboo
Live naturally


Years of Experience in the bamboo clothing industry.


Brands that we have worked with over the years.


Countries mainly cover North America, Europe, Asia, etc.


Designs and styles have been developed with bamboo fabrics.


Our Achievements

  • speciallized in applying sustainable bamboo material to the clothing industry since Year-2009

  • experienced in dealing with a sort of fabrics blended with bamboo yarns, like pure bamboo, bamboo/cotton, bamboo/polyamide, bamboo/tancel, bamboo/coolmax, etc.

  • 200+ knitting machines, 100+ sewing machines, and 50+ other supportive machines are equipped in the workplace.

  • knitting bamboo solutions for both seamless style clothing and conventional cut&sew types.

  • following OEKO-TEX Standard 100 


Production Scenes

knitting machines
women workers siting by blue blaskets
knitting machine and worker
carton warehouse

It was in 2009 when the founder, Mark Jie and Shine April first met by researching the bamboo fiber at that time. They are from different cities, but coincidentally, both of them were living in places where people get lots of use of bamboo, like eating, crafting, constructing, etc. Both of them also think highly of the other use of bamboo, to extract the bamboo fiber and to make bamboo clothing. 

When they decided, they devoted. It was not easy in the beginning, the quality of bamboo yarn was not well fitted to the knitting machines which were designed for other materials. And the bamboo yarn itself was not perfect which came with easily breaking, twisting, pilling, and yellowing. Experiencing hundreds and thousands of testing and adjusting, those issues were countered mostly. Now, with the upgraded bamboo fabric quality and the spreading of the green material conception,  it turns out bamboo clothes become more and more accepted for their outstanding features and their natural essence. 

‘Love bamboo. Live naturally!’ is the slogan of the company to encourage Mark Jie and Shine April to keep exploring further on bamboo clothing industry.


Bamboo Clothing Supplier

Whatever you want to learn about bamboo resources, to offer an opportunity to convert your lifestyle, or to create your business with BAMBOO, as an experienced bamboo clothing supplier, we are happy to assit you to make your bamboo collections!


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